Exotic fas quality wood

About Us

Ebony Shield Group is a forestry company that deals with the exploitation, transformation and exportation of wood like Ayous, Azobe, Bibolo, Bilinga, Cotali, Dabema, Doussie, Fraket, Ebony, Iroko, Kosipo, Moabi, Okan, Okoume, Pachyloba, Padouk, Sapelli, Sipo, Tali, Teak, Tiama, Wenge etc.

Quoting and Tendering

Our experienced sales consultants will happily provide a prompt quote or tender for any of your wood requirements based on your specifications.

Our set of rules

RULE 1: “Customers are kings” RULE 2: “Remember Rule 1”

Why Choose Us

We ensure a swift response to enquiries, efficiently calculated ‘job-lot’ quotes, multi-item selected orders, and full-pack deals, all at competitive prices. We possess a wealth of experience to provide an understanding approach to our customers’ requirements and a commitment to achieving total satisfaction.
Also, We are focused, inspired and determined to provide the best possible level of attention to our customer needs at every stage. Our team carryout frequent inspection visits to ensure that the best quality material is always available and the product range is continually extended.

Vision and Mission Statement


Ebony Shield Group seeks to be one of the top exporters and suppliers of timber by establishing its branches in most parts of the world within the next 10 years; In Cameroon.


Ebony Shield Group has as a mission to eliminate the risk of fraud in international trade by dealing and trading with clients transparently.




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